W*shes for July.

when you w*sh upon a star …

B e t y

Although I’ve always been a beauty junkie, I must credit Kim Kardashian for dropping her beauty line KKW Beauty and getting me back on track. Originally, I planned to include her Contour & Highlight kit, but was taken aback by the forced subscription on the website, which also required a credit card. The feigned exclusivity turned me off, especially when there countless numbers of beauty brands more easily available. Still, I would like to try the product 😉, which will probably be after all of the hype dies down.

Moving on…

I included some staple items that I am in dire need of. I usually use the Studio Fix foundation. Typically, I prefer to wear minimal makeup during the summer months. This summer, I’d like to give it another go and try a more powder-based foundation (MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation — Retail $28.00). I’m also in need of powder. I found that I was getting pretty annoyed with my pressed powders. It became difficult for me to pick up the product with my brushes, which is why I’m including MAC’s loose powder on my w*shlist (MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Perfecting Powder — Retail $27.00). I’m still deciding whether or not to use the Macy’s gift card that I’ve been holding on to since Christmas for these products.


I have collected so much makeup over the years and, hygiencally speaking, I should get rid of the bulk of my collection. I’ve tried liquid matte lipsticks in the past (haven’t tried Kylie’s yet. August wishlist, perhaps?) and I love the NYX Lingerie line (NYX Lip Lingerie — Retail $7.00) the best! The product can be found at the local beauty supply store which is a + in my book! This may be the easiest purchase on the month’s list. It would be great to get some next week.

F a s i o n

Needless to say, I am not ready summer fashion. I’ll definitely play it low-key this year, I’ve gotten a few pairs of shorts, summer dresses, and sandals. So I decided to use the July W*shlist to showcase some “statement” items that I’ve been eyeing for sometime now, namely the Fenty x Puma products.

Pic Jointer-3

Pumas are not necessarily my first choice for footwear. But there’s something extra feminine and fashion-forward about Rihanna’s collaboration line. Both the slippers (Fenty x Puma Bow Slider Sandals — Retail $90.00) and sneakers (Fenty x Puma Bow Casual Shoes — Retail $150-170)  would pair nicely with some summer outfits. I should also mention, after a brief IG scroll I saw some newer slides that are out for Summer ‘ 17.

I’ve always enjoyed a nice graphic tee. I had a pink Bape tee back in the day (hello Bedford). I’d probably pair the BGC tee (Billionaire Girls Club Heart Floater Tee — Retail $50.00) with some denim shorts, or distressed jeans. If the pinks match, I’d add the Fenty x Puma slippers in the mix. Birthday gift anyone?


July 13, 2017



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