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imy, baby


With over seven years in, I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve broken up. Recently, what I have noticed is the heightened level of effort being brought to the table — from both of us. Before, we would go days, then weeks, and sometimes months without speaking after we had a fallout. Now, it seems like bae’s willing to swallow his pride, thus averting these long gaps of being out of touch.

The other night he asked me a question,

“Would you marry me?”

Laughing out of surprise and somewhat disbelief, I flipped the question, “Would you marry me?”


Where did that come from?

Ever since he brought that question up, and even prior to it, I’ve been considering our future.

Should I continue looking?

Will I find someone else?

Someone whose strengths are his weaknesses?

Whose accomplishments supersede his?


One of the drawbacks of life is the fact that there aren’t any guarantees.


We spoke more on the topic. And at this point, if we’re continuing this dance, then it must be for some reason.

It must.


Some women would have been annoyed by some of what was said during our conversation. But, I feel like we’re at similar places — focusing on ourselves as individuals.


So, I didn’t ask a timeframe…

About when do you think you’ll finally be ready?


Emotions have no timestamp.


I’m in no rush. I still don’t even know if I truly believe in marriage.


In the meantime, take your time to get ready.

But I won’t wait forever.






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