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Be You




Feelin’ Myself  — Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce




Are we … insecure?


We are all perfectly imperfect. In some way or another, we do things to cover up or compensate for our shortcomings. Even if we are totally content with ourselves, some of us still have attention-seeking behavior.

Is this a bad thing?


Hey Gorgeous

I’d like to consider myself a feminist. Although not always easy, I’d rather uplift and empower my sistren, than use negativity to bring her down. Especially online.

Riddle me this, when you post a picture, what’s your purpose for doing so?

Praise & attention?

Capturing memories?

Or, do you do it because somehow snapping five pictures, then choosing the seemingly most flattering one to post on a social media app boosts your ego?

Many of the these “insta models” are indeed beautiful. I, too, enjoy taking certain in-the-moment photos, but I have to be much more vigilant about my online persona. So some pictures are left private.


One is Never Enough

At the beginning of one of our many restarts, bae would occasionally send me a picture. Before that, I never received a picture from him. I could tell that the flick was a screenshot from Snapchat, and I couldn’t help but wonder who else was fawning over the picture.

I would have been much more inclined to savor the moment if I knew that the picture was exclusively for me. As to not disrupt his complacency, I replied with a simple emoji and continued with my day.



Sharing is Caring

Don’t get me wrong, I oftentimes find inspiration from some of the photos and videos that I scroll through. There is so much untapped and underrated talent online! (cough)

I’m sure that some of these inspirations have strengthened both my inner-self and my relationships.

Yet, if I find myself spending more than 10 minutes enamored by my IG feed, I have no qualms about pressing the home button and returning to reality.

The surge of social media shows just how many fish there are in the sea. What I’ve learned is to love who loves you. Unconditionally.


Besides, what do we have when our beauty fades?






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