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The 80-20 Rule?


One of my favorite Tyler Perry films is Why Did I Get Married? In the film, the all-black cast depicted various relationship states (happily married, soon-to-be-divorced, the affianced…). In one scene, the men discuss the idea of leaving your woman, she who gives you most of what you want, for the woman who can provide you with that which your lady lacks. As far as the movie goes, Mike (the adulterer) realized that the new woman, despite her physical attributes, was no comparison to his ex-wife — flaws and all. But it was too little, too late.


So, what do you do when you find yourself faced with an 80-20 dilemma?


What we must realize, accept, and constantly remind ourselves of is the fact that no relationship is perfect; irregardless of the Instagram flicks that paint the picture of the happy couple — smiling, kissing, and traveling the world. We must always observe the relationships of others with the proverbial grain of salt.

The trouble arises, however, when you are in a relationship, and someone else enters the picture.

?  ?  ?

If you’re in a fulfilling relationship, the threat of this new “friend” is nonexistent. Right?Depending on the mutual understanding of you and your partner, this new person may not even get as far as the friend zone.


On the other hand, your relationship may be lacking in certain areas, and you may have already considered calling it quits. In a situation such as this, the “20” may be able to successfully dismantle your relationship.


But if this happens, what does it really reveal about your relationship?





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