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Sky’s the Limit — Notorious B.I.G. ft. 112





It’s an amazing feeling when you see your hard work finally beginning to pay off.

Note to Self: You are your best investment.

I’m sure I’ll have to remind myself of this.


I’m excited about starting this blog. I just hope that I’m able to keep it up! … Which is why I chose to keep the layout really simple.

Although things are definitely looking up, I’m feeling a bit thrown off this week. I’m running behind schedule with quite a few things, so I’m hopping to tighten up before the week ends…

There’s a cat call in the far distance. Well, across the street.

Sir, are you serious? I find it extremely bothersome the lackΒ  I find the lack of respect people have for others — and even themselves — extremely bothersome. When men casually speak to me in the street, I always return a friendly greeting. But hissing at me will not get a reply. A simple “Hi. How you doin’?“, or “Good morningΒ will suffice.


Blog 2 - Phone


Which leads me to my recent experiences on some social media apps. When I initially rejoined Instagram (oh, about 4 days ago), I signed up for several other socializing apps: Badoo, Bloglovin’, and several shopping apps …


I deactivated my IG the same day.



Then I had the idea for my blog. So, I decided to use Instagram to add some pizazz to the site. I also made a conscious decision not to mindlessly scroll through photos and videos, forgetting about my actual life. I’m using IG to reconnect, for image hosting, and to occasionally stay in the loop.


OVO Fest


When I first started using Badoo & IG, I was surprised at the number of messages I received. Let’s be real, it was not an insane number of DMs; but, enough to make me question the actual purpose of these apps.

I had to take a step back and truly consider if I was using social media to find a potential mate. No. But how do you tell someone that? and Should I send ten copy and pasted responses saying hello and apologizing for my late reply, only to ignore any further attempt for conversation? Don’t get me wrong, it’s heartwarming for someone to show an interest in you; but, I can smell the intent for some of those “Hi gorgeous” messages. So, unless I can figure out how to disable DMs, I’ll just skip over those messages.

What else is there to do?



As far as my goals for the week, I’m doing pretty well there. πŸ™‚

I have a few assignments due, so that’s where most of my focus will be.











Notorious B.I.G. “Sky’s the Limit”

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